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The world is getting smaller and its breaking into bits. Peace by piece the puzzle fits. Repairs can all be tended by the tiniest of friends. As working all together Peace by piece the puzzle mends. I stand on this platform proclaiming my view to a handful of mice and possibly you.


Perhaps global warming is finally here. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Find something fascinating and it will be beautiful. Should we be responsible for not preventing the things we could prevent? Different life forms see the world in different ways from us. Can we ever know what they are feeling and thinking? Suspended I swing in a gentle breeze. My eyesight is poor, but I can see the light that mottles the sun through the wafting trees. My internal organs are shrinking inside. My hunger is hollow from tail to head.

A fly will come by and catch on my finely-spun silken thread. My venom glands ache with the hope of release to con-vert my prey to a liquid meal. Environmental Poetry Is noise pollution harmless? Find out by reading Below the Surface Australian artist Sharon Davson is passionate about the beauty of our world.

Environment Poems

Called Away by Sharon Davson oil on canvas Zoom in to see complete image. The Beauty of it all by Celia Berrell All we can touch, and all we see began in cosmic history. Mother of Invention by Celia Berrell Neotenic humankind is ceaseless of inquiring mind. Living Freedom by Sharon Davson acrylic and coloured foils on marine ply Zoom in to see complete image.

Impropagation by Celia Berrell A crack in the concrete is all it takes for a small seed to lodge and germinate.

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Ignored by pedestrians tramping through, with sunlight and water it proudly grew. Is Anyone Listening? Is Anyone Listening by Celia Berrell I stand on this platform proclaiming my view to a handful of mice and possibly you. The Garden Within by Celia Berrell There is a garden in my heart where beauty grows in fits and starts. Where smiles are petals from the flowers bestowed by others from their bowers.

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Nutritious hope reaps seeds to feed my spirit for its every need. To touch the island of my soul. Its song for some potential mate is stifled by the noise we make. And so it either moves away or has no fertile eggs to lay. The Emu pondered what to do so songs of birds could still get through.

Deciding that to drown our sound the humans should live under-ground. Add Your Comments:. Sign in to write a comment. Become a Premium Member.

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More Poetry Poems. That feeling you get when you're in love. That feeling you get when you're in love by JADE The White Cross by Adam Phoenix. This poem is inspired from the time I waited long for my sister to get back ho The Long Wait by Dashez by Dashez. David by suncatcher The War Across The Sea.

Finally breaking free by RubyJGrace. Journey of Life. Truth Seekers by Joy Shaw.

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Facebook Error 6. A short poem I wrote in class. Anhedonia by Prism Persona. Boosted Content from Other Authors.

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I'm done Now. I'm done Now by C. Lisianthus by Burning Sage.

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Star Black Grew up in an orphanage which had been an exercise in brutal tolerance and crowded loneliness. The sand and the land were her real friends. She took to them as a tree lea Boosted Content from Premium Members. The mystery of the box on the beach by robert radcliff. Lovely by MirroredIMG. The Howling Wake by Rhymis.

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Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry
Environment Poetry Environment Poetry

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