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The most beloved devotional of all time.

Because the universe was once the size of a subatomic particle itself, it's plausible that it behaved similarly during the Big Bang, Hawking wrote. That still doesn't explain away the possibility that God created that proton-size singularity, then flipped the quantum- mechanical switch that allowed it to pop. But Hawking says science has an explanation here, too. To illustrate, he points to the physics of black holes — collapsed stars that are so dense, nothing, including light, can escape their pull. Black holes, like the universe before the Big Bang, condense into a singularity.

In this ultra-packed point of mass, gravity is so strong that it distorts time as well as light and space. Simply put, in the depths of a black hole, time does not exist.

God is Not Here: A Soldier's Struggle with Torture, Trauma, and the Moral Injuries of War

Because the universe also began as a singularity, time itself could not have existed before the Big Bang. He returned home with no visible wounds, but on the inside he was different. He tried to forget—to soldier on—but memories from war never just fade away In God Is Not Here , the weight of history is everywhere, but the focus is on a young man struggling to learn what is right when fighting wrong. Edmonds provides a disturbing and thought-provoking account of the morally ambiguous choices faced when living with and fighting within a foreign religion and culture, as well as the resulting psychological and spiritual impacts on a soldier.

ISBN - 10 : ISBN - 13 : God Is Not Here. Couverture souple. A powerful and intimate look into torture and its effect on both the tortured and the torturer. Bill is a native of Southern California and currently lives in German Critiques de God Is Not Here soumis par les clients.

Je suis Heures de jeu :.

Davina Diaries Fiction: God Is Not Here

Critiques As Edmonds'' memoir shows, conscience remains a powerful force that cannot be denied. Hopefully God Is Not Here will inspire debate within our military. Those readers who suffer deep moral wounds themselves will hear in this book the familiar, haunting echoes of their own thoughts and feelings.

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Through these echoes, they may realize, if they do not already: they are not alone. Even the ''good wars. A powerful piece of work. Now, before we dive in, I want to admit something: I don't fully understand all of the reasons God does not heal.

What Does the Bible Say About Healing?

I have struggled with my own personal "thorn in the flesh" for years. I'm referring to 2 Corinthians , where the Apostle Paul stated:. Like Paul, I pleaded in my case for years for relief, for healing. Eventually, like the apostle, I resolved in my weakness to live in the sufficiency of God's grace.

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During my earnest quest for answers about healing, I was fortunate to learn a few things. And so I will pass those on to you:.

We'll cut to the chase with this first one: sometimes sickness is the result of unconfessed sin. I know, I didn't like this answer either, but it's right there in Scripture:. I want to stress that sickness is not always the direct result of sin in someone's life, but pain and disease are part of this fallen, cursed world in which we currently live. We must be careful not to blame every sickness on sin, but we must also realize it is one possible reason. Thus, a good place to begin if you've come to the Lord for healing is to search your heart and confess your sins.

When Jesus healed the sick, on many occasions he made this statement: "Your faith has made you well. In Matthew , Jesus healed the woman who had suffered for many years with constant bleeding:.

God Is Not Close, He Is More Here Than You

Here are a few more biblical examples of healing in response to faith :. Matthew —29 ; Mark , Luke ; Acts ; James — Apparently, there is an important link between faith and healing. Given the multitude of Scriptures connecting faith to healing, we must conclude that sometimes healing does not occur because of a lack of faith, or better, the pleasing kind of faith that God honors. Again, we must be careful not to assume every time someone isn't healed the reason is a lack of faith.

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  • What Does the Bible Say About Healing?.
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If we don't ask and earnestly desire to be healed, God won't answer. When Jesus saw a lame man who had been sick for 38 years he asked, "Would you like to get well? Someone else always gets there ahead of me. Maybe you know someone who is addicted to stress or crisis. They don't know how to behave without turmoil in their life, and so they begin to orchestrate their own atmosphere of chaos. Similarly, some people may not want to be healed because they've linked their personal identity so closely with their illness. These individuals may fear the unknown aspects of life beyond their sickness, or crave the attention that the affliction provides.

James plainly states, "You do not have, because you do not ask.

God is not the Creator, claims academic

Scripture also indicates that some illnesses are caused by spiritual or demonic influences. So, there are times when a demonic or spiritual cause must be addressed before healing can occur. Lewis wrote in his book, The Problem of Pain : "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain, it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world. We may not understand it at the time, but sometimes God desires to do more than simply heal our physical bodies.

Often, in his infinite wisdom , God will use physical suffering to develop our character and produce spiritual growth in us. I've discovered, but only through looking back on my life, that God had a higher purpose for letting me struggle for years with a painful disability. Rather than healing me, God used the trial to redirect me, first, toward a desperate dependence on him, and second, to the path of purpose and destiny he had planned for my life.

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