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Is this all there is to life? A slog through mild unpleasantness at best, abject horror at worst, always focusing desperately on the next brief pit-stop the weekend! That day , we used to tell ourselves, everything would finally be fine. Oh silly us, we meant the next day. No, the next. I wake up on a Monday and the first sound I emit is a groan. I feel hungover but without the fun memories. Instead I am beset by the horrors of transition — from a sedentary and peaceful state to one of motion and showering.

This is what a newborn baby must feel like. The world outside the window seems grey and cold and menacing. Are those umbrellas?

Just another Monday

The sight of an umbrella is as upsetting as a crying child crawling away from an upturned wheelchair. And for what? Just walking straight, jaws set, unsmiling, avoiding all eye contact and desperately clutching coffees, a few of which will cause some minor tragedy on the way to work. The most impact I could ever have on any of these assholes is getting in their way. Crestfallen, I open my jacket and a ferocious gust of that trademark London wind instantly freezes the sweat onto my chest, neck and back.

I need to plan.

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I know! But let me procrastinate just a little first. The service is pretty basic, nothing special, just cute girls waiting for their well deserved tips. The food is a little overpriced but is tasty and well portioned.

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We return due to the consistency of the food. Beware of the watery and undersized drink specials. Go for the full priced drink, even the double, and you'll be pleased. Decided to drop in for a meal and much needed cocktail. I was pleasantly surprised. Haven't been here for quite a while. The food was delicious , and all the staff were extremely polite and accommodating.

The only dilemma you might face is trying to decide what to order with so many yummy appetizers, salads and mains. My meal was soo good.

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Great job Cactus Club. I like the steak , burgers which is very juicy , fajita and all menu are tasty and I could say one of my favourite Resturant in town with a beautiful patio and grate service. I really like the Garden Burger. For a veggie burger, it's juicy and flavourful - I always have to ask for extra napkins it's so juicy! Yam fries are tasty but cut a bit thin for my preference. The big hit for me is the Peanut Butter Bar for dessert. A yummy combination of peanut butter and chocolate with a hit of caramel and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it's definitely a favourite among the staff as well.

I am a fan of Wente winery's Chardonnay and like to finish my meal with a coffee and a shot of Lagavulin. Rare to find both on a menu, but Cactus Club has both. Between favourite menu items, tasty food and excellent service, Cactus Club has another fan. We had an early dinner here on a Friday night. No lineup or wait, which was a nice change.

Service was prompt and efficient, very friendly. Drinks were good - had some unusual martini choices which were excellent Adrenaline and they just can't improve on the Bellini! Was pleasantly surprised by the sliders - quality, taste etc. Butternut squash ravioli is a long time favourite of mine and wasn't disappointed, it was excellent. Bandera salad was really good as well.

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Only issue was that usually when we eat out, we are bombarded with offers for more drinks etc. By the time it arrived I was almost done my dinner. Still, it was very good and we enjoyed dinner - didn't feel rushed even though it was a busy evening by the time we left. It has come up more than once at important junctures in Supernatural , and now here it is in the second episode ever of Revolution.

I took care of Danny. Gotta give a shout-out to your air night. What did you think of episode numero deux, Revolutionaries? What made you want to come back for another episode of Revolution? Who do you think Randall is? Is anyone else getting sexual tension jellyfish vibes from Miles and Nora? Did I miss that in either of these episodes? No surprise there, but good to know. Could this be some kind of instruction manual for everyone given a Locket of Power? Does the lit-up power button indicate an ability to use electricity in a certain vicinity?

Revolution recap: Not Just Another Monday. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom.

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S1 E2. TV Show. Episode Recaps Previous. S1 E15 Recap. Revolution recap: Homecoming. S1 E14 Recap. Revolution recap: This Sucker is Nuclear. S1 E12 Recap.

Just Another Monday Just Another Monday
Just Another Monday Just Another Monday
Just Another Monday Just Another Monday
Just Another Monday Just Another Monday
Just Another Monday Just Another Monday
Just Another Monday Just Another Monday
Just Another Monday Just Another Monday

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