Lamb to the Slaughter

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Mary Maloney is a devoted wife and expectant mother.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Lamb to the slaughter'?

She waits happily each night for the arrival of her husband Patrick, home from work at the police station. On this particular night, though, she can tell something is wrong.

Lamb to the slaughter

In disbelief, she listens as Patrick tells her that he is leaving her for another woman. Still numb, she carries it into the living room and without warning bashes her husband over the head with it. Her quick thinking and manipulative character results in the police officers eathign the evidence and therefore she cannot be charged of this crime. These actions show the complex character that Mary Maloney truly is.

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Throughout the entire story, Mary is a very interesting character. She reacts based on her instincts and kills her husband and this shows her cold heartedness.

Lamb to the Slaughter

In the end she has to create an alibi to cover up her devious crime in which she has to manipulate the police into eating the evidence. Mary is a very unique complex character and she has, through her actions conducted a devious crime in which she will be proven innocent.

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    Lamb to the Slaughter, Part 1 of 2

    Its literal meaning refers to the time when humans used to slaughter animals for meat. It conveys the idea that a lamb is innocent and does not ask questions.

    Lamb to the Slaughter (Literature) - TV Tropes

    You can easily lead it anywhere and it follows, not knowing that it could be walking into a trap. It also implies that someone is about to sacrifice something. It also refers to those who are found innocent but are hanged unjustly.

    Lamb to the Slaughter Lamb to the Slaughter
    Lamb to the Slaughter Lamb to the Slaughter
    Lamb to the Slaughter Lamb to the Slaughter
    Lamb to the Slaughter Lamb to the Slaughter
    Lamb to the Slaughter Lamb to the Slaughter
    Lamb to the Slaughter Lamb to the Slaughter

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