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Mobile devices are incredibly personal, and many people are rarely more than a few feet away from their device. However, marketers are still navigating the complex world of mobile communication, and messages that are meant to be personal come out looking like this:. Impersonal communication is everywhere in mobile, which is a huge disservice to people on the other end of the screen. One of the worst methods a marketer can employ in-app is to send the wrong message to the wrong person, at the wrong place, and at the wrong time.

There is endless data and best practices around how to message mobile customers in a delightful, helpful manner, but many times, in-app messages still turn out looking like the images above.

Customers have endless options when it comes to choosing new brands and services, which means their expectations are higher than ever before. When you make mobile personal, you give your brand an opportunity to connect intimately with a customer.

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And in order for marketers to truly bridge the gap between generic and personal mobile experiences to make the most of this intimate connection, they must think about their customers as people, not users. However, there is still a gap. The question now becomes: How do we bridge the gap between impersonal mobile engagement and high customer expectations?


People experience mobile content differently than they would on a desktop or a tablet. Mobile opens the door for:. A survey from Appiterate shows that annoying notifications are the leading driver of app uninstalls, with complex registration coming in as a close second. Anticipating customer behavior is a skill for all marketing teams to master. Spend time learning what your customers want and need before they tell you in order to offer the best experience possible. Any opportunity to demonstrate your brand actually knows its customers is an opportunity to impress them and delight them.

There are several local search tactics marketers can use to offer a better mobile experience. Google now indexes both deep links and apps through app packs on a mobile search results page, which is a perfect place to start.

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According to Search Engine Land , ranking in an app pack relies heavily on the app title, description, star ratings and reviews, and will differ greatly from the internal app store rankings. But in all of this we have failed to see what is love—we have mistaken the effect for the cause.

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But that is only half the picture. In both cases we had nothing to give, but everything to gain. No conditions, no stipulations, simply love. And that is the example we are given in Scripture and the example we are told to carry forward in life. To love without condition, to possess a sort of loyalty—to allows others no condition, no stipulation, simply love, so that they have nothing to give and everything to gain.

Respect, loyalty and bravery

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Love & Loyalty

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Love & Loyalty Love & Loyalty
Love & Loyalty Love & Loyalty
Love & Loyalty Love & Loyalty
Love & Loyalty Love & Loyalty
Love & Loyalty Love & Loyalty
Love & Loyalty Love & Loyalty

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