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One attachment becomes a seed for a million attachments, and out of fear the wheel of suffering continues. It is this identification of the mind with that which is false which is what we call egotism. The science of yoga involves a breaking through of this limited shell of egotism and opening the mind to a vast cosmos beyond. Yoga, as a process, is none other than a process of self-remembrance. As a technology, it is a method for overcoming obstacles to human well-being and freedom. As a way of being, it is being anchored in your real nature, the changeless truth of your own being, and the wisdom that comes through such communion.

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The human being is himself the maker of his own suffering. Although the paths to freedom are many, the only remedy for this is one and one alone : the movement from unconsciousness to consciousness.

Philosophy of Nothing Reinvented

Scenes from the hauntingly beautiful White Desert in the eastern Sahara, with its otherworldly white chalk rocks. Quneitra was once a bustling town in the Golan Heights Scenes from my visit to Quneitra, Syria, Whirling dervishes performing at a restaurant in Damascus, Syria, plus a titillating dinner buffet! A unique annual festival of transgender people hijras that happens in Koovagam village, Tamil Nadu.

The road to Dholavira goes through a dazzling white landscape of salty mudflats.

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It leads to the evocative ruins of a great Harappan city. The fabled Forbidden City earned its name by being closed to everyone outside the Chinese royals and their eunuchs and maidservants.

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  • The single most sacred site of Buddhism. It was in the forest here that Prince Siddharta sat under a tree and achieved enlightenment. A holy city in Punjab whose historical gravity to the Sikhs is second only to Amritsar. Hundreds once embraced martyrdom here. Once an extension of the Arabian Sea, the Rann has been closed off by centuries of silting. During Alexander's time it was a navigable lake. Bhimbetka was a center of human activity from the lower Paleolithic times—the oldest paintings may be 12, years old.

    Part 1 : Historical and literary context Part 2 : Textual critique. On Early Islam This five-part series on early Islamic history begins with the rise of Islam, shifts to its golden age, examines two major currents of early Islamic thought—rationalism and Sufi mysticism—and concludes with an epilogue. But Arora is funnier. And sweeter.

    Abbas Raza, Editor, 3QD. More here. A lone woman travels fearlessly into the jungle to confront the enemy. She holds the fate of an entire world in her hands. This is historical fiction done right. In a raucous public sphere marked by blame and recrimination, these essays announce a bracing sensibility, as compassionate as it is curious, intelligent and nuanced. When Craig Olsen returns to Idaho to say goodbye to his dying uncle, who raised him, he comes face to face with matters he can no longer evade Buy from Amazon.

    All rights reserved. Designed in collaboration with Vitalect, Inc. Lost Cities. Civic Sense for Change. Glimpses of Zambia. Glimpses of Malawi. Glimpses of Mozambique. What do we deserve? River of Faith. The Pearl of Africa. The Leatherbacks of Trinidad.


    A Large-Hearted Gentleman. The Art of Borobudur. The Orangutans of Sumatra. Kumbh Mela , India.


    White Desert, Egypt. Virtuosic solos fly above live beats drawing similarities to the likes of Snarky Puppy or Robert Glasper. Keary features as violinist, bassist and vocalist whilst also delivering the texture and backbone of electronic beats loops and samples through Ableton.

    His latest EP Mountain Gazer is a massive leap forward in both production and composition. Definitely one to watch out for. Paltin is the moniker of Romanian born, Manchester based pianist and composer, Liviu Gheorghe.


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