The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno

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Police had sought to arrest four adults inside the building on seven charges ranging from disorderly conduct to possession of explosives. The inferno incinerated 11 inside the bombed building, including five children ages 7 to That inferno also destroyed 60 other homes in the West Philadelphia neighborhood, leaving people homeless.

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Incredibly, an aerial bombing in an American city by police rarely makes the lists of worst police-abuse incidents, despite its gruesome death toll and extensive destruction. Yet during the assault on May 13 that began at a. The confrontation went on until police dropped the bomb at p. The infamous bombing is far from an isolated incident in a dim past. The failure to hold Philadelphia authorities accountable for that deadly, destructive episode contributed to the impunity that drives the persistence of police brutality—brutality that has triggered massive protests across America since last year, after prosecutors in St.

Louis and New York City manipulated grand juries away from indictments against the police officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. In America, prosecutors control the grand jury process without input from judges and other lawyers. Legal experts repeatedly criticize the failure of local prosecutors to charge police even when evidence documents indictable offenses. After that fatal raid, Philadelphia prosecutors manipulated a grand jury away from indictments against police.

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Prosecutors even refused to file perjury charges against police officers caught lying to the grand jury. Not a single Philadelphia police officer or city official faced prosecution for the death and destruction on May 13, Philadelphia prosecutors saw no police wrongdoing in the deaths of those children. That convoluted reasoning rested on the pretense that the blast from the bomb affected only the adults inside the bombed building and not the children.

Although prosecutors refused to charge police and city officials, they did vigorously charge the lone surviving adult MOVE member, Ramona Africa. She served her entire seven-year sentence for conspiracy and riot because she refused state parole-board demands to renounce her MOVE membership as a condition for early release. The special commission concluded that police gunfire drove other fleeing MOVE members back into the inferno. However, prosecutors—again employing convoluted reasoning—claimed that some MOVE members returned to the blazing building either because they wrongly believed that the police were shooting or because they intended to commit suicide.

In many ugly ways, the series of conflicts between MOVE and Philadelphia authorities constitute a case study in the failures of police, prosecutors and judges. Those conflicts with the MOVE organization began in when Philadelphia experienced epidemic-level police abuses under then-Mayor Frank Rizzo, an ex-cop.

Yet prosecutors and judges ignored that brutal enforcement. An Aug.

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Massive inferno engulfs 115-year-old Philadelphia church

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Review: ‘The Arsonists’ at Azuka Theatre

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The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno
The Arsonist: A Philly Inferno

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