The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation

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Ivor, , Original Source: Muzeum Teatralne. Its premiere in was closely related to the parliamentary sessions of the Four — Year Sejm. Agnieszka Truskolaska — Ludwik Panczykowski — — character actor, predominantly cast in supporting and bit parts; his successes include folk plays and the parts of petites bourgeois and craftsmen. Geldhab" by Aleksander Fredro, drawing. Teatr Wielki — Fountain in front of Teatr Wielki Auditorium of Teatr Wielki Building of Teatr Wielki Teatr Letni Regulski, , From the collection of: Theatre Institute in Warsaw. Initially, he would play romantic leads, then villains.

He played Hamlet along with Helena Modrzejewska who appeared as Ophelia. It was designed for smaller drama and opera productions. This is the place where the present-day Teatr Narodowy is housed. In December the theatre resumed operation.

Auditorium of the Variety Theatre before rebuilding, drawing , , From the collection of: Theatre Institute in Warsaw. Wincenty Rapacki — — Polish actor and theatre director, pedagogue and man of letters. The foremost actor of the Polish stage at the close of the 19th century who paved the way to realism; he preferred parts in contemporary repertoire.

A master of make-up. The monumentality was created thanks to the painting talents of Wincenty Drabik, the author of scenography, as well as "a sculpture-like composition of groups and characters". The scenery in the form of painted panels suggested grandeur and built solemn, poetic atmosphere of the performance. The monument was funded by the theatre community of the Second Polish Republic. Ruins of the stage of Teatr Narodowy, condition after The building first burnt down after a bombardment in September During the Warsaw Uprising in August it was destroyed by fire for the second time.

Only the facade walls and the reinforced concrete frame along with the colonnade were preserved. Audience in front of Teatr Narodowy The signature role of the "Grand Duke" by Jan Kurnakowicz — became a legend and went down in the history of theatre. The performance of a Romantic play created to commemorate the two-hundredth anniversary of Teatr Narodowy turned out to be a failure.

There are more ideas and plans in it than fulfilment" — wrote Dejmek. In close cooperation with Andrzej Stopka, stage designer, Dejmek translated the forgotten tradition into modern sensibility and showed the beauty of the old literature. Critics appreciated the charm of mature primitivism, beautiful colouring of the scenery, humour and grace of the archaic but comprehensible language. The performance was welcomed with enthusiasm during guest performances of the National Theatre across Europe. Dejmek believed "The Deputy" to be one of his most important performances. The first premiere of Witkacy, the classic of avant-garde, on the National Stage; a breakthrough in the process of restoring the author to the theatre.

The latter would soon be hailed by critics as a "Witkacy model actress". A classic play by Ivan Turgenev had a surprising, hyper-realistic setting. Fire of Teatr Narodowy. On 9th March , due to a short-circuit, Teatr Narodowy burnt down for the fifth time in its history. Almost the whole team of Teatr Narodowy appeared on stage. The performance was a bitter commentary on the spiritual situation of Poles in the aftermath of the fall of communism. The performance was acted out over a lowered, round trapdoor from which the actors emerged. He takes up the fight for the new theatre — the ideal theatre.

The theatrical space consisted of an underground tunnel that connects the main building of Teatr Narodowy with scena przy Wierzbowej and is used for transportation of props. For the very first time in his career Zbigniew Zapasiewicz — appeared on the National Stage in the role of Leon. Together with Jerzy Juk Kowarski, stage designer, they re-read the classic text anew, focusing on the weaknesses of modernity. Thus, one of the most significant Polish theatrical performances in recent years was created. An original performance by Maja Kleczewska, a modern reflection on the myth of Phaedra.

Adolf Hitler withdrew Germany from the League of Nations in October, when he realized that the governments of England and France were not going to take any action. Hitler was aware of the World Government but he began to think that he could build up Germany and defeat this world leadership. In March of he ordered the German Army to enter the Rhineland region that had been taken from Germany and made into a demilitarized zone. The French and the British government met again to discuss this violation of the peace agreement from but none of them were willing to go to war over the issue.

Hitler once again realized that he had nothing to fear from his enemies because they refused to act. On March 11, the Austrian Nazi Party staged a coup and toppled the elected government. The new Nazi government in Vienna then voted to transfer all power to Germany and German troops poured into Austria. Hitler declared that the unification with Austria was complete on March 12, and that the two nations were once again unified. Again, there was a lot of talk from the British and French governments, but no action was taken. Hitler by now was very confident.

He had rebuilt the German war machine and had taken back large territories of German speaking people. He then set his eyes on the Sudetenland, a large portion of land in the western part of Czechoslovakia. This time the British government decided to become more active to head off this next move by Nazi Germany. The Austrian-Hungarian Empire had been broken up after World War I and the Western powers created a number of new states, one of which was Czechoslovakia, which had a huge German population in the Sudetenland province.

Immediately after Hitler had taken Austria, he began to publicly speak about the fate of the German speaking people in Sudetenland. Knowing how to manipulate the situation, he activated the previously organized Sudetenland Nazi Party. Konrad Heinlein was a Sudetenland German and a Nazi sympathizer who became a political leader. The drumbeat got louder as the Germans in the Sudetenland di slike d the Czecks, Slovaks, Poles and the Hungarians that made up the population of this new nation.

They wanted to become a part of Germany. Hitler spoke in different places about how badly the Germans were being treated in the Sudetenland and that it was his duty to protect his fellow Germans. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain sent Walter Runciman, a well-known politician, to Czechoslovakia to see if the Czecks were willing to compromise. He proposed a similar political model for Czechoslovakia as in Switzerland where Germans, Italians and French lived together as a nation and also had some kind of independence.

Hitler strongly objected to this plan and ordered the Nazi party to hold massive rallies and stir up the German population, who in turn embraced the propaganda. Just like Putin, Hitler was a skilled political chess player and played the game well. Hitler repeatedly told Chamberlain that this was his last territorial quest and that there would be peace once the Sudetenland had been united with Germany.

Chamberlain flew back to Germany on September 22 nd and met with Hitler in the city of Godesberg, a suburb to the city of Bonn, to make sure that he had a valid agreement with Hitler. He likewise made an agreement with Hitler just as Chamberlain had done.

the fulfillment of visionary dream the destruction of the polish nation Manual

No representatives from Czechoslovakia were invited to these peace talks. The meetings were held in secret and the German, English and French agreed that it was of utmost importance that the Czechoslovakian armed forces be kept in the dark and prevented from taking defensive positions and opposing the German annexation. The meeting took place on September 29 th and the plan to annex the Sudetenland was approved and signed in what became known as the Munich agreement.

It gave Germany the right to immediately move in its troop s and possess the Sudetenland. The Czech government was sent a copy and simply told to sign the Munich agreement , which happened on September 30, The German Army rolled into the Sudetenland on October 1 st and the Czech army had no time to respond.

Hitler and his staff were jubilant! Chamberlain returned to London, and as he exited the airplane, he held up the Munich agreement in the air and announced that he had been able to secure peace that would last a lifetime. He told reporters that Hitler had promised not to seek any more territorial claims. History proved Chamberlain to be weak as he only emboldened Hitler to seek newer and larger territories. The city of Danzig was another creation by the victors of World War I in At the time it was located in Poland but there was an ethnic German population since it was close to East Prussia.

The region of Danzig consisted of more than small towns and villages and was declared a free city under the control of the League of Nations. Hitler never told the British and French prime ministers that this was his next conquest and once again used the same ploy as in earlier territorial grabs. Nazi agents were sent to the area to stir up the people. Hitler began to publicly speak about how the German population in Danzig suffered under the control of the Poles and that Germany needed a land corridor through Poland between Germany and Danzig.

The Polish government refused and England and France finally declared they would protect Poland militarily if the Germans tried to create a land corridor. Adolf Hitler began a high stakes political poker game. It had become clear that he had pushed England and France into a corner and any further expansion would start a war.

His solution was to sign a pact with the Soviet Union in order to make England and France think twice before they chose to go to war. A non-aggression pact was signed on August 23, in which Hitler and Stalin agreed to divide Poland into two sections, the west for German y and the east for Russia. Stalin also requested to be allowed to attack Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and bring them into the Soviet Union.

Germany and Russia would also carve up Romania, which would give Germany access to the Romanian oil fields. Many were slaughtered in Danzig when the Red Army rolled in and the rest were forcefully driven out to resettle in Germany. The same fate happened to the Germans in the Sudetenland. They paid a high price for their desire to join the Third Reich as they lost their homes and belongings and ended up in refugee camps when they came to Germany. Danzig was given the Polish name of Gdansk. On September 1, , the German army rolled into Poland as the German Luftwaffe dominated the skies over Poland with death and destruction.

At the same time German naval forces attacked the Polish defenders around Danzig. The Polish troops were overwhelmed and it was only a matter of time before they were defeated. Soviet forces attacked Poland on September 17 th from the east and all Polish resistance was crushed. Joseph Stalin attacked Finland on November 30, The armed forces of Finland with Swedish volunteers were able to resist and partially beat back the Russians. England and France declared war on Germany on September 3, , but they were not prepared militarily, and instead of preventing the war, they could only react and it would be five long years before Nazi Germany had been defeated.

More than 80 million people perished in this devastating war that could have been prevented. Who was the big winner of World War II? It was Satan and his World Government! It is obvious that World War III is going to break out one day as we have learned from th is prophetic vision. The high stakes gambler in world politics today is Vladimir Putin.

Obama is a former hippie turned community organizer in Chicago who was groomed for politics and elected by a population craving government handouts and more security. Cameron is a shrew d politician but he is not that bright when it comes to dealing with ruthless ex-communists. Merkel grew up in East Germany and does not possess the aggressiveness that a political leader must have when facing an opponent like Putin. Hollande is a womanizer and a far left politician who is unable to mount any opposition to Putin or any other aggressive political foe.

Vladimir Putin was born in and grew up during the glory days of the Soviet Union. He happened to be in the right place at the right time and became a career agent in the KGB that was stationed in East Germany for more than 10 years. To become a KGB agent requires intelligence, aggressiveness and the ability to please your superiors in order to advance in rank. A good KGB agent must be an excellent liar and have the ability to skillfully deceive people. He knew about the purges over the years whe n loyal communist leaders were accused of petty crimes and executed.

Yeltsin was a corrupt political leader and knew that when his term as president came to an end, there would be an investigation, and he might have to go to jail. Just like Richard Nixon did with Gerald Ford, whe n Nixon asked Ford to pardon him after his resignation, Yeltsin and Putin worked out a similar agreement. Putin honored his patron and gave him a blanket pardon the moment he became the new Russian president. Vladimir Putin became a devoted member of the Russian Orthodox Church and has rejected his communist roots.

He is a nationalist that dreams of a greater Russia and hates the Jewish world bankers and their World Government. Putin is a risk taker and we have seen this in his annexation of Crimea. He is moving more slowly into Eastern Ukraine. If you look at the events in Ukraine, you cannot help but notice the similar tactics used by Adolf Hitler seventy-five years ago.

Putin is using the same playbook, and even more dangerously, he has access to nuclear bombs, something which Hitler never had but worked hard to achieve. Adolf Hitler always had to worry about a two front war. He has signed a strong military and economical agreement with communist China and does not have to worry about Japan which has been reduced to a third world nation when it comes to their military.

Barack Obama and the rest of the leaders in the West are like paper tigers who like to draw red lines, and when the line is crossed, they do nothing. They also impose useless sanctions but they are not willing to be forceful and Vladimir Putin is making them react like puppets to every move he makes. Putin has forces in Syria; his pilots are also flying from Iraqi airbases and supporting the Shia regime of Bagdad. He has taken Crimea just like Hitler took the Rhineland. Now he is slowly grinding down the Ukraine and has destroyed most of its armed forces and equipment.

Obama and his cronies are imposing sanctions against Russia but they are unsuccessful because sanctions will never stop a power hungry man. Putin wants to restore lost territories to Russia. Putin also wants the Baltic States; he is eyeing Finland and Sweden has been coveted for years. He wants to reunite with Poland and the other eastern European nations that Russia once ruled when it was the Soviet Union. The World Government will never allow Russia back into Europe again because it will set back their plans for world dominion.

Putin is aware of the situation and will trigger World War III if he thinks that he can keep pushing his agenda just like Hitler did so many years ago. This is a time for Christians to pray that God will hold back the demons of war and give us time to preach the Gospel and lead people to Christ. Most Americans are like the passengers on the Titanic that ate, drank and danced until the ship suddenly struck an iceberg without warning and perished in the icy waters. Have you been born again? Is Jesus your Lord and Savior? After the war ended in , the Holy Spirit began a mighty work in the nations which had been enslaved under the Soviet Union.

A strong underground church developed in Russia and the enslaved nations. Courageous believers in the West started a network of smuggling Bibles to the believers in the oppressed nations. Some of the most well-known groups and people were the Swedish Slavic Mission and the Dutch missionary known as Brother Andrew. When the Soviet Union fell apart in , the underground churches were able to openly operate and Baptist and Pentecostal churches began a strong outreach as the Holy Spirit moved upon the spiritually starved people.

Oppression also creates an urgency and the people in these churches know how to pray! As Putin is waging war in the Ukraine, the people in the churches are petitioning the Lord, and this should provide us with hope.

Acts Jesus warned that the world population would revert back to the lifestyle that existed before the great flood during the time period before His second return. Jesus exhorted His followers to stay alert and watch for the signs that would precede his coming. Jesus then laid out the steps for a Christian that wanted to be faithful to God.

We are to do the works of God while there is time :. Share the Gospel and leading people to Christ.

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Rabbi Ya'acov Yitzhak and his wife Krayndle had the following children: 1. Berekhya, 3. Freydl, 5. Yona, 6. They had: A. Yokhed, C. Aharon, D. Zainvel, E. Yona, F. Elimelech, G. Yosef, H. Golda, I. Baruch, J. Meir, K. With the outbreak of war they moved to Slomniki. Rivka married Fajwel Rozenek the son of Rabbi Avraham. Yokhed died suddenly; Meir perished in the Holocaust, it is not known where; their son Yosef drowned in Warsaw when he was 20; their daughter, Hinda married Simcha Heller. They survived and moved to California with their son Yosef; the daughters, Bella and Krayndle also survived and live in Warsaw.

They had a daughter and they lived in Krakow. They had the following children: Avigdor, Berish, Krayndle, Slomniki. Elimelech married Rachel the daughter of Yosef Pinczowski from Chielmnik. They had a daughter Yokhed Chielmnik. They immigrated to Palestine in and lived in Kiryat Motzkin. They immigrated to Palestine and lived in Afula. Yosef and his son Shalom died in Afula. They had two daughters. They both survived and live in Palestine.

Their children were A. Sheyndil, B. Yona, C. Haim, E. Dina, F. Dov, G. Golda, H. They immigrated to Palestine in with their children, except Elimelech who is in France and Golda who perished in Poland. They both died in Haifa. Haim married Sarah and they had a son, Elisha Palestine. Dina married Avraham Kupermintz, and they live in Haifa. Yokhed married Shimon Grynberg and was widowed.

She lives in Haifa. Their children were: A. Yosef, E.

Yisroel, F. Perl, G. They lived in Krakow. They all perished in the Holocaust. They had two children, Mala and Yosef. Yosef and Yisroel survived and live in the United States. Perl perished in the Holocaust. Kalman was saved and lives in Israel. Freydl married Rabbi Leibush Bachmeir. Their children were A, Berish, B. Shmuel, C. Malka, Golda. All perished in the Holocaust. All were lost in the Holocaust. Malka married Eliezer Mintz from Szymkowicz and they lived in Sosnowica. They had two children Shlomo and Krayndle. They had the following children: Golda, Moshe, Micha'el and Miriam.

Dwashe died towards the end of the 20's in Krakow. Yona immigrated to Palestine in and died in Of those only Yokhed remained alive; she married Avraham Rosenblatt and lives in Haifa. It has a large glass sliding door. There is nothing special about it apart from its sparkling cleanliness. Where did he come from? Who was he? So very little is known about him. I never thought the day would come when I should want to know so much about him. That hotel and restaurant was the commercial life of the town.

On the festival of Purim he would read the Scroll of Esther and many would come to hear him. The meals and their popular dishes were famous. The celebrations that took place to honor the Rabbi of the Hassidim attracted the entire town; Yudele Koval, David Herschel. In Grandfather and family immigrated to Palestine. Our close family members were so many that we, the youngsters, found it hard to determine who was who and from which family.

Here Meir G. Tova Z. Here they brought their torn trousers for repairs after an excursion of the movement, in order to be able to return home as if nothing had happened.

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My mother always helped with a secret smile to herself. Once he returned home for a weekly visit and never went back to work there because in the meantime war broke out and his salary and work tools remained there in Skala. He visited the various farms and villages, buying and selling geese, field crops and whatever came to and in exchange for his success we ate and sustained ourselves. The torments and sufferings of finding a living were hard.

The partners, Tchaikovsky, Lansberg, Pinczowski and my father managed to get out from the business with great difficulty. The house was again noisy with joyfulness and a little ease. My father never got to immigrate to Palestine; only I did, followed by my brother. In , he joined the Polish army and was sent to the front. When the army retreated to Romania he was the driver for an army Major. My brother managed to steal aboard as stowaway along with 2, other people. But the ship had already set sail.

She was caught eventually by the British blockade and here passengers transferred to Atlit. After about six months my brother was released so he could enlist in the British army. In the end of hostilities saw the end of his wanderings and he settled in Palestine. And in the isolation of that loneliness it shouts. It proffers a taste for life and overcomes sleepless nights, drenched in perspiration of fright and panic.

We were so many and to each one a name and family tradition. There were families woven into the mosaic fabric of our town with their sons spread over the country and beyond. But the root, the source, the belonging was in the town itself. There was the Kornfeld family upon whose last remaining member the horror of the Holocaust fell with the oppressor's Y. There was only one brother in the family, Shmuel and seven daughters.

Two of the daughters were sterile and one gave birth only to daughters. Perl, the wife of Nahum from Olkusz, was sterile. They had Haya Baltshe, Malka and me and my little sister Sarah'leh. Everyone esteemed him. When I bring to mind the extermination of uncle Shmuel in the time of the Nazis Y. They said of him that on the days of one of the pogroms, he blocked the door of the house and stopped the mob from getting in. In those meetings many topics were discussed like, help for the needy, discussions on politics and so on.

They also discussed the luminaries of the Talmud.

The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation
The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation The Fulfillment of Visionary Dream: The Destruction Of The Polish Nation

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